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Four Reasons to Podcast With Your Mobile Device

Mobility is the best part about podcasting. Whether you’re attending a conference or enjoying a music concert, there’s an opportunity to capture excellent audio for your listeners.
Anny Solway, a contributor at Business 2 Community, says, “One of the great advantages of podcasting is its flexibility in terms of time and format.”
Mobile podcasting is a fun way to engage your audience into new sounds. It’s a good investment into showing, not just telling, your listeners how you can think outside the box and provide them with exceptional content.
The future of podcasting includes mobile devices. Let the Spreaker community help you. Here are five reasons to record on the go:

1. Participate in Impromptu Interviews
Interviews with special guests offer your podcast the chance to share unique experiences with your listeners. “[They also] will give you an added benefit of making deeper connections with influencers and leaders you’d like to know better,” states Matthew Toren, co-founder of You…
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Engage Your Audience Early and Often

Create content that is compelling and timely. Develop content that fits into these three categories:
Useful: How will people use your content? Will it help them save time or money? Will it teach them something new? Thought-provoking: Make folks think with an interesting tidbit or pearl of wisdom. Humorous: Laughter is golden. Be funny, but avoid any kind of vulgar humor.
Give a lot of thought to what you want to promote. You need the ability to reach through the social media channels and connect with people. If you can’t do that, it doesn’t matter how awesome your content is–no one will be reading, listening, or caring.
Offer a clear call to action. When creating messages, tell people what you want them to do. Don’t just post a link. Moreover, instruct them to “click on the link.”
Engage creatively. Give away your content, and encourage people to take action. Offer a free download or bonus materials. People like to feel compelled to do something.
Deliver your content on a regular …

How A Social Media Campaign Will Boost Podcast Subscriptions

According to “The Infinite Dial 2015,”a study produced by Edison Research and Triton Digital, researchers found that 49% of the public are familiar with the term podcasting and 33% have listened to podcasts. Moreover, Facebook is the most used social media channel with nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of people using the service.
With podcasting growing in popularity, social media can be used as a catalyst to increase your podcast’s growth. Running a social media campaign is much more than gaining organic reach.
As part of your digital marketing strategy, social media campaigns can yield results beyond the normal constraints. Gains like brand awareness, website traffic, and podcast subscriptions are just a few additional by-products.
A social media campaign doesn’t begin when you send out a tweet. Like Spreaker podcasters understand, trends drive the efforts of the most successful brands. Depending on the scale of your campaign, you should spend days, even weeks just planning.
Ready to…

The truth is that is takes a little Skill and Preparation

But if you know what value you can bring to your audience and what you want to say, there really is no limit to what you can achieve. Anyone thinking of starting their own sporting podcast should take a few pointers from the Marlin Family Live show that proudly that their transmission is for the fans, by the fans, to talk about all things Miami Marlins and finally “Join the Marlin Family and let your voice be heard!”

The synopsis is refreshingly honest and simple with a strong community vibe where the listener’s voice is as important as the broadcasters themselves. For me personally this encapsulates the ethos of podcasts and live broadcasts in this age where new media is leading the way.
The only ingredient you really need to get the ball rolling is to have a subject matter that you are passionate about. If you genuinely love what you are doing and are clearly podcasting your passion, your audience will be able to hear this in your voice.
Meanwhile, the Bob Sullivan is the perfect ni…